Attack of the monster cockroach!

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Сообщение #1 JesseVoss » 15.05.2018, 12:19


Someone found a HUGE cockroach in my dorm floor's restroom a few minutes ago. The thing was fast, made it out of the bathroom with the guy in hot pursuit, dodging his attacks. It actually managed to run into the room next to mine. There, it was finally trapped under a plastic cup and executed.
It now rests high upon the fire alarm thingy in the hall, as a way to scare off other cockroaches.
When I say it is huge, I ain't kiddin'. That thing is about two inches long. The biggest cockroach I have seen previously is about half an inch. Do North American cockroaches get that huge, or is this one imported?
I'm gonna be real careful when I go into the rest room now.

Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

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