start treatment only after bb PCO identified now or after ?

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Сообщение #1 JensenBreck » 02.11.2017, 09:37

My current situation is i believe i had a hitchhiker bb on my bag from outside of my car, but have not seen any in the car after removing the ones on my bag (i don't know if there were others that remained in the car before I noticed any). I did not have any bites in the car, but I did have bites two days before seeing the bugs while shopping outside the car (i itched and saw clear welts develop pretty much immediately after sitting down in the driver's seat, i believe it would have taken a few minutes for a bug to even have finished feeding and this seemed immediately). I don't know if those bites were related to the bug i saw on my bag in the car, but I think they were since they hadn't happened separately before then, and happened at the same time frame now.
My question is, i know you need to have a bug positively id'ed by a PCO for them to commence treatment (or as a general rule, to commence self treatment). Should I count the bugs I saw on my bag as from my car? I felt that they were from the bag because they did not come out from the seat, or on the dashboard, but seemed to come from the upper fold on the backpack. So far I have been waiting to see another one before considering it a for sure infestation in the car, although I am already doing a lot of prep work like cleaning clutter, getting traps, protecting my purse, etc. I have not gotten any more fore sure-bites (i have gotten some rashes, but not confirmed bites -- this makes me hope that I did indeed kill all the adults i found, but may still have nymphs -- i react to bug bites with distinct and round welts, these with water blisters in the center, but i have not had anything like that since. It has now been 1 week since I saw the bugs crawling on my bag in the car, and 12 days since I got the bites with the water blisters. (the two possible sources of the bug, my clothes for the time frame, and my backpack, have both been washed and dried. The clothes I wore for those two days between the bites and the sighting did spend some time in my hamper at home, but I have not gotten bitten at home even while sleeping on the floor.).

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Сообщение #2 Goofy » 26.11.2017, 08:27

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