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So evidently I've had gastritis for a while, but wasn't symptomatic until after I stopped my PPI cold turkey, and go acid rebound. My gastritis was confirmed via EGD and was put on Dexilant 60mg 1x a day. Did some research and started taking Zinc L-Carnosine & DGL along with a low acid diet and eliminated all triggers from my diet.

Over a course of three weeks I felt great, almost symptom free. However, recently my gastritis has gotten much worse. I came across a post off another message board about how toxic mold poisoning caused their gastritis after many tests. Now they're all better. This got me thinking because during those three weeks I felt fine, I was remodeling my bedroom. When I finished I went ahead and changed out my air vents, they were almost 20 years old. While doing that, dust and some other stuff got into my mouth. I didn't think much of it, but just a few days later my gastritis flared up big time.

My symptoms include burning achy stomach, zero energy, always feeling tired, metallic taste in my mouth, weird things like confusion, losing my train of thought, mumbling when trying to talk, etc. It seems the burning sensation in my stomach is acid indigestion because I get relief from taking Tums. Is it possible, despite being on a PPI, my body is overproducing on stomach acid to fight this possible infection and the fatigue and tiredness is just from my body going into defense mode?

Is this theory possible? What tests do I need to get done to confirm this and what are the treatment options? I decided to leave that room for now and sleep in a different bedroom. Coincidentally, my symptoms have calmed down. Any info would be greatly appreciated


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