How do you get rid of those darn little kitchen ants?

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Сообщение #1 JensenBreck » 23.12.2017, 14:02


We've got those little guys running everywhere. With a 2-year-old in the hosue, it seems there are always crumbs around. So, the ants find the crumbs, and before we know it....ant parade in the kitchen! We bought some of those little ant baits, but they were a joke. I truly think the ants marched by them, pointed, and laughed. We've got some Raid spray that works great, but it only kills the ones already in the house. It doesn't keep them from coming in. DH bought some Home Defense spray at Wal-Mart to kill the black widow spiders we've seen outside. The spray also kills ants. He sprayed around the entire house. That didn't seem to bother the ants either. These little guys are driving me nuts. Anyone know how to get rid of them????

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